Spinner's Yarn

by Micol Cazzell

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This Album Is Dedicated To: The Not Band

Special Thanks in Alphabetical Order:
Jerry Adams, Kelly Atkins, Scott Bartenhagen, Jeanmarie & Larry Cazzell, Joel Cazzell, Sarah Cazzell, David and Gordon, Chance Dunsten, Greg Edwards (Off The Air), Jessica Elam, Kelsie Ernsberger, Michelle Escoto, Alex Felt, Cassie Johnson, Michael Maczar, Cameron Mckee, Rick & Jake Murphy and Family, Matt Palmer, Joan & Bob Pierce, Patricia Pierce, Robert Pierce, Jonathan Sarenana, James Silva, Travis Vick and The Vick Family.

Anyone and everyone who has ever supported me or my music, Special Rider Music Publications, and most of all: You.


released June 4, 2010

Spinner’s Yarn was Written By: Micol Cazzell except “Mama, You Been On My Mind,” which was written by Bob Dylan, and used with permission from Special Rider Music Publications.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered By: Micol Cazzell
Art Concepts and Photography By: Sarah Cazzell
Produced By: Micol Cazzell with much help from: Sarah Cazzell, James Silva, and Scott Bartenhagen.
All Songs Except “Mama, You Been On My Mind” © 2010 Micol Cazzell (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Micol Cazzell Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Truth About My Side
Here he comes to see
What kind of hell he can force on me
The truth it grabs you by the shins
And now I'm falling down again

But I'm on your side
I've got nowhere to hide
But I'm on your side
I've got nowhere to hide

I'm left with idle hands
And pockets full of sand
Don't tell me I'll be alright
Just have to put you away somewhere that's out of sight

But I'm on your side
I've got nowhere to hide
But I'm on your side
I've got nowhere to hide
Track Name: Like Embers In Ashes
She sat in a chair by the window and stared
At the world that was rolling by
She left without warning on a train bound for Portland
Beneath a steel gray sky

Her mind was in shambles by the light of a candle
As she searched for a silent goodbye
To her mother and sister who never would miss her
For they both saw the world through closed eyes

Now rain knocks the window, that cold lonely pillow
And the sun soon will go out to hide
The wilderness passes like embers in ashes
A farewell to a world gone awry

Now her dreams soft and somber with no path for to wander
Will all turn to dust come sunrise
But for now she is lost there in the still of the night air
To wait for the moon's turning tide.
Track Name: Hollowed Out
Through the air to the ground
Nothing close no one around
When your lost and can't be found
What was before is coming down

Whittled down to skin and bone
You should've guessed, you should've known
I'm hollowed out and all wind-blown
If we're all through I'm going home

Spin me a yarn, put me to bed
Show me what's left in your head
I do believe you're out of thread
All alone and left for dead.
Track Name: The Far Bank
We want this rain to go
But come summer we'll miss the cold
I told you so
For now the creek bed is like the sea
And I'll stand there to my knees
Until I freeze

Cause the moon only tells midnight
That dawn will throw daylight
Without a fight
So I'll sit here on the floor
To watch midnight swim for shore
And slip beneath by four

Now I'm wishing for the frost
Or a path from rock to rock
This river is too wide to cross

By morning I'll wander home
Most weary and all alone
My longings thrown
For the morning sun's arrived
And has blinded my eyes
And left me out to dry.
Track Name: Clay
Rise and shine my dear, you've crossed me for the last time
I told you one day you'd wake up, and I'd be gone; heading for the pines

So he took root in the hills
Out past the river in a boulder-strewn stretch of oak lawn
Where the sun bakes the ground
Until it cracks all around and love is found in the day's dawn

The streetlights whispered back and forth across the lawn
The moon rode high
The sprinklers hiss flashed in and out as he drove by
The moon's pale glow in his eye

And speeding past the morning fields of yellow grass and rows of vines
He found he'd wasted all his time
He knew he'd never turn around; didn't care to hear the sound
Of hatred blooming in his mind

Back at home she sits alone; her feet turned to clay
Oh they would not let her run
And every word she tried to say was led astray
By the blinding darkness of the sun.
Track Name: Grandfather Clock
Gold and silver cannot mend the day
They are but a whisper that sounds when you've lost your way

That crashing, flashing sound of poison in the well

My friends you have fallen from the sound of the music
The sound of the blossom from whence we all came

Our tree is dying; it's trunk is dry, it's roots are rotting in the ground

I know my time's done gone by
It passed before my grandfather died
My clock is out of time
It's face is young, but it's soul is old.
Track Name: Sunset Song
The sun sinks down real low
And the cold wind blows
Deep inside that orange glow
He knows he wont go home

All the day he waits to pray
For far away
Deep inside his heart he knows
He knows he wont go home.
Track Name: Trinkets
Seven days out from port, the hull sprung a leak
Taking on water fast, with no time for to speak
Abandon ship the captain cried as he held his heavy head
With a tear in his eye and a belly full of lead

Though he trusted his first mate he couldn't help but feel betrayed
There he left the helm to him, and there now it would stay
Into the deep blue of the sea, filled with brine and overgrown with weeds
Where the sound is all turned down and the bottom feeders feed.

What's lost is lost and gone for good when your heart is made of wood
A splintered knot is all you've got, no questions asked: it's understood
But what do you see, wont you tell me, at the bottom of the sea?
Are there shipwreck trinkets for your greed, or did you do it all for free?
Track Name: Burnside
We drove all over town
While shadows fell all around
And it seems now we're lost somehow
So just wake me if you figure it out

Darkness swells 'till the night
When my mind douses the lights
Because I lean on sleep without dreams
And yours are not what they seem

Your word I never heard
You said your fair share, and I don't really care

That's not quite what I tried to say
I suppose you'll still take it that way
So I'll make do with less than what's true
And be glad when tomorrow is new.

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