Broken Things

by Micol Cazzell

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Ricardo Friaz
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Ricardo Friaz Meticulous, beautiful, and unsettling. Favorite track: Rut.
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special thanks in alphabetical order:
Jerry Adams, Jerame Barriga, Jeanmarie & Larry Cazzell, Joel & Renee Cazzell, Sarah Cazzell, Steven Cole, Ray Jim John, Joan Pierce and James Silva


released July 27, 2012

Sarah Cazzell - wine glasses in "broken things"
James Silva - Drums

Photography by Jerry Adams
Cover Design by Jerame Barriga
Screen Printing Direction by Anthem Screen Printing SF
Jacket Assembly by Jeanmarie Cazzell


all rights reserved



Micol Cazzell Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Rut
All through the sun soaked valley
Our hopes and tears hit the ground
All down the tar-stained highway
Our poverty abounds

Down in this dark, dusty, dreary
Parched land that I call home
We shave off each sun soaked hour
Our hands picking at the bones

And when the sun sets upon
The stones that mark our graves
Then will we long
For the golden days

All through the sun soaked valley
We sit and wait for the day
When we can shed our sauce soaked day dreams
Pack up and make our escape

But sitting now in the quiet hour
Before the well runs dry
I’ll count off each sun soaked nightmare
As they go marching off to die

And when the sun sets upon
The stones that mark our graves
Then will we long
For the golden days
Track Name: Broken Things
When there’s nothing left to do
But mouth words so plainly untrue
And either way it’s the darkest day
Closing in around you

You wrote a lullaby
Moonlight and soft wind sighs
But the blackbird sings broken things
Out across the broken sky

So you ran down the dawn
Out where the line was drawn
You can’t refuse; you’ve got more to lose
Before all hope is dead and gone
Track Name: The Unraveling
Black clouds like a mountain range
The way things here don’t ever falter or change
The fog ruins the golden hills
And the rain carves canyons all along your windowsill

Every winter we just stay indoors
Await the drying of the valley floor
And if it seems to you we are hard to please
It’s more we’re beggars down upon our knees

So come the day I leave this town behind
I’ll fade off far away where the road unwinds
And if it seems to you I am hard to see
It’s just your eyes playing tricks on me
Track Name: 1961
They left ‘round dawn or so
So slow, so slow did they go
From dawn’s break to twilight’s black lake
They rode from seeds now sewed

Rumors from the land of the sun
How slow, how slow did they come
From the eyes of the fading sky
Like drums, but you’re not sure where from

By and by did they arrive
And the hillsides were all alive
And they could not contrive a reason to die

By no means did they come alone
As the path to them had been shown
From last night to years gone by
They lost what they never had owned

And so on down the line
‘till that’s yours and this here is mine
From first taste to a perfect waste
Like bad grapes as they fall from the vine
Track Name: The Waiting Song
With my eyes all turned to rust
My head is full of dust
But I lie in wait
At the farthest gate
Not a god damn scrap on my plate
I wait, and wait, and wait

In the morning

In the morning when the light is young
When the night is done

Life is just dripping wax
We’ll paper all the cracks
Feel our hearts softly pound
But never find the sound
Come gather all around
And one by one we’ll drown

In the evening

In the evening when the tide has turned
When the light has burned